Montana Legalization Results

Proponents of recreational marijuana have expressed satisfaction with the recent findings. Please refer to the attached map of Montana. The map reflects the current state of each county, determined by the results of Initiative 190 or other municipal elections conducted after HB-701 was signed by the Montana legislature. House Bill 701 only allows the sale of cannabis in Montana counties that voted for legalization. However, each county can change from a “green” county to a “red” county in a municipal election, or vice versa. About half of Montana`s 51 counties allow recreational sales. Looking at the county-to-county results in the Yellowstone County race on Tuesday, the strongest votes against the initiative all came from voters within the city limits of Billings. Of the 22 counties that make up the City of Billings, 21 voted against banning sales and recreational operations. “This is not a partisan issue in Montana. Montanese of all political stripes supported legalization in 2020 and continue to do so, as evidenced by last night`s votes to tax and sell marijuana,” Pepper Petersen, president of the Montana Cannabis Guild, told the Montana Free Press. However, the Republican-controlled state legislature managed to abandon the election initiative and replace it with a new legalization framework law, HB701. Their original bill would have been extremely restrictive, but a bipartisan group of state senators revised it into a largely functional framework law.

2020: Voters approve I-190 and CI-118, which legalize marijuana and set 21 as the age of majority; Read a summary of the legalization policy here. Residents of Manhattan and West Yellowstone voted to ban the sale in this week`s election. The results were particularly pronounced in Manhattan, where 69 percent of voters supported the ban. In a unique move to support state-owned enterprises, the Election Initiative and House Bill 701 – the framework bill to legalize the state that eventually replaced the Election Initiative – include an eighteen-month moratorium on new licenses. 2021: State lawmakers approve House Bill 701 and make changes to voter-approved legalization bill But the results of the Yellowstone County vote surprised Zabawa. Montana I-190, the Montana Marijuana Legalization and Tax Initiative, was an initiative to legalize cannabis that was on the ballot for the Montana general election on November 3, 2020. With 56% approval, the initiative legalized recreational marijuana in the state effective Jan. 1, 2021. Along with Arizona, New Jersey and South Dakota, Montana was one of four states to legalize cannabis through election measures in the November 2020 election. Contact your local law enforcement department for more information. The ministry made several changes to the rules in response to public comment — including removing a provision that would have banned the sale of CBD products in pharmacies and another that advocates say could discourage people with minor criminal convictions from working in the industry. They also addressed some concerns raised by state lawmakers, including the removal of a proposed rule that would have allowed some outdoor marijuana growers to increase their acreage.

Starting Saturday, dispensaries licensed before Nov. 3, 2020, can begin selling marijuana to recreational customers over the age of 21, as well as licensed medical customers — as long as they`re in a county that allows adult sales.