Mount Union Admission Requirements

Your extracurricular activities can have a big impact on your chances of admission. Add your activities to our singing calculator to see their impact. First-year students, find your admissions advisor on the map below. Doesn`t that sound like you? We also have admissions counselors for transfer students, international students and postgraduate students. This school offers almost open admissions, which means that they give an offer of admission to almost all students. To be on the safe side, aim for a 968 SAT or a 20 ACT or higher. If you can achieve this, you are pretty much guaranteed a place in the finish class. The college will review your academic profile to ensure you are qualified. For applicants who do not meet the academic requirements, the chances of admission decrease significantly, regardless of their strength elsewhere. Complete the application for readmission to Mount Union University. Register and learn more about our upcoming admission events. This means that the school is an almost open host school.

They accept almost all students, so in most cases you only need to submit one application to be accepted. But if you don`t meet all the requirements of the application, you`ll be one of the few people who gets rejected. The GPA at Mount Union University is 3.44. Help others discover all that Mount Union has to offer. A personal, practical and relevant education, which is a proven investment in your future, is what we do at Mount Union University. The success and satisfaction of our students, graduates and parents clearly demonstrates that we deliver on this promise. Over the past decade, graduates themselves have achieved extraordinary success in finding careers and accepting graduate schools. A Mount Union education provides you with hands-on preparation and unique hands-on experience while being rooted in the liberal arts tradition. Learning goes far beyond the classroom, with more than 90 organizations and student centers to help you explore your passions for world travel or community enrichment.

Superintendent – GlenOak High School, Plain Local Schools You can use it as a basis for creating school lists, improving your profile, and developing enforcement strategies. Meet the academic requirements for the demographic you`re in The university always encourages all students who have ACT or SAT scores to submit them, as this will help determine which first-year courses are best for them. Students who wish to be considered for the following programs must submit standardized test results. Next, the college reviews the holistic parts of your application to select from students who have passed Phase 1. Main artists – The Metropolitan Opera Lincoln Center in New York You need to make sure that your SAT score is equal to or higher than the average score. However, when you compromise on what needs to be improved, remember that SAT scores are important but carry less weight than GPA and courses. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville, Tennessee) Mount Union graduates are leaders in their fields and communities. We pride ourselves on providing students with the academic preparation, practical experience, research opportunities and global perspectives needed to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world. Our education offers the best of both worlds – an academic curriculum based on the liberal arts tradition and encouraged by smart options in the market and mindful of their career. Simply put, you`ll be set for success in the 21st century. Please enable Javascript to find a consultant near you. Black Student Union | Mount Union | players Council of Honours | Musical Theatre Workshop| DWOC Consultant | Phi Kappa Tau | Specialization Program Greek Academy of | Leadership Marching Band | Overview and Raider Guides Emmy and Tony nominated actress, seen in: “Gone Girl”, “The Leftovers”, “Avengers: Infinity War”, “Fargo” and Broadway appearances.

Pay your deposit to secure your place for the next incoming class. If you have previously been admitted to Mount Union, please read our checklists for admitted students! A good referral sometimes improves your chances, but the most important thing is to make sure you`re not disqualified because one is missing.