New York Continuing Legal Education Board

Touro Law Center is certified by the New York State Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Board as an accredited provider of legal education in New York State. The Department of Continuing Legal Education offers continuing education programs throughout the year on substantive law, skills, practice management and ethics topics in live lectures/workshops, magnetic tapes and videotapes for transitioning and experienced lawyers. Sometimes other states with mandatory legal education requirements grant CLE credit to an attorney licensed in that state to take a CLE course offered by the Touro Law Center. For this credit to be granted, the State concerned must recognize the sui generis rate. It is the responsibility of the lawyer applying for a loan from another jurisdiction to obtain such accreditation. Newly licensed lawyers meet their legal education requirements by taking accredited bridging courses or programs in traditional live classrooms or participating in fully interactive videoconferencing if the videoconferencing technology has been separately approved by the CLE Board of Directors for use by newly licensed lawyers. Meredith is the Director of Customer Experience at Lawline, where she is responsible for delivering a world-class customer experience to support Lawline`s clients in their pursuit of fairness. Since joining Lawline in 2012, Meredith has taken on various roles within the company and earned an MBA. She is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of Lawline`s clients at every stage of their legal career. Topics in this new category of continuing education credits may include: cyber threats, cyber attacks, data breaches, the importance of securing and protecting data and electronic communications, appropriate cybersecurity and privacy policies and protocols, and meeting professional and ethical obligations to protect confidential client and law firm data. Newly admitted lawyers must earn 16 credits each year for the first two years after their admission to the Bar. The 16 credits must include 3 ethics credits, 6 skills credits and 7 PP (professional practice) and LPM (professional practice of law) credits.

Complete your total credit requirements of 16 credits with 7 credits of on-demand courses in PYP and LPM and 9 credits of live webinars in ethics and skills. Newly licensed Attoneys can complete every 16 hours without attending in person Complete your entire webinar Requirements of 6 competencies + 3 ethics There are no changes to continuing education requirements for newly admitted lawyers. Newly licensed lawyers are not eligible for diversity, inclusion and bias elimination credits. Newly admitted lawyers who have accumulated more than 16 hours of transitional continuing education credit prior to the first anniversary of their call to the bar may use up to 8 of their additional credits earned in the first year of admission towards their second-year requirements. Once the second year requirement is met, up to 6 additional credits can be used for the next reporting cycle. Points of ethics and professionalism cannot be transferred. 17. August 2022 Announcement of a new category of CLE loans and a NEW REQUIREMENT for ALL New York lawyers: The rules of the New York State Continuing Legal Education Program (NYCRR 22 § 1500) have been amended to add cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection as a new CLE loan category. In addition, experienced and newly licensed attorneys must complete at least 1 hour of CLE credit in cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection as part of their CLE requirement. Lawyers must comply with the new requirement as of July 1, 2023. CLE providers will be able to award continuing education credits in New York City in cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection to attorneys taking qualifying courses beginning January 1, 2023. For example, experienced lawyers who need to re-register on or after July 1, 2023 (their birthday is on or after July 1, 2023) must re-register.

July 2023), complete at least 1 credit in this category as part of their two-year requirement. Newly licensed attorneys admitted to the New York Bar on or after July 1, 2023 must complete at least 1 credit in this category as part of their new CLE licensing requirement. To view the FAQ for the new “Diversity, Inclusion and Eliminating Bias” credit category, click here EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2018: AMENDED THE BIENNIAL CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENT FOR EXPERIENCED LAWYERS TO INCLUDE ONE HOUR OF DIVERSITY, INCLUSION AND BIAS ELIMINATION CREDIT. Experienced attorneys (those who have been admitted to the New York Bar for more than 2 years) who are scheduled to re-register on or after July 1, 2018 must complete at least one (1) credit hour in diversity, inclusion and bias elimination. This amendment does not complement the current requirement of twenty-four (24) credit hours for experienced students, nor the requirement that experienced lawyers accumulate at least four (4) credit hours in ethics and professionalism. Kristin MaccarroneAssociate Director, Annual and Special Events FundTouro Law Center225 Eastview DriveCentral Islip, NY You may want to try our FAQ first to answer your question: New York lawyers in practice beyond the first two years after being admitted to the New York Bar must earn 24 credit hours per two-year and two-year registration cycle with: Effective January 1, 2023, providers will be able to award New York CLE credits in cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection to lawyers taking courses in this new category. Library access to all online PP/LPM/iOS App/Android App/CD/DVD courses. One hour of credit is one hour of 50-minute lessons. All lawyers must retain certificates proving the number of continuing education credits indicated on their biennial transcripts of registration for a period of four years.

If you have any questions, contact the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board at 212.428.2105. Whether you`re a seasoned New York attorney or a newly licensed New York bar, here`s what you need to know about the rules and requirements of the New York CLE. While a requirement to complete a CLE loan in cybersecurity, privacy and data protection has been added to the rules, the TOTAL number of credits that lawyers and newly licensed lawyers must complete in each reporting cycle remains the same. New York attorneys must indicate on their biennial registration form that they are CLE compliant and must retain proof of compliance for at least four years. The National Academy of CLE issues a certificate of attendance at NY CLE for all CLE activities as proof of compliance and we store the certificate in your CLE account indefinitely. 9 Live Webinars + 7 On-Demand Credits – Online / iOS App / Android App / CD / DVD Newly admitted lawyers must take “bridging courses” (designed to help them acquire the essential skills necessary for the practice of law) 16 credits per year for the first two years following their admission to the Bar. The 16 credits must include 3 ethics credits, 6 skills credits and 7 law firm management (LPM) or professional practice (PP) credits. Newly admitted lawyers must complete their continuing education application in a format acceptable to the credit category.* For more information, please click here.

New York attorneys who are admitted for less than 24 months must complete 32 credit hours in the first two years after admission as follows: Please note that this new CLE category does not change the total amount of credits required during your CLE period. For help with CLE issues, you can contact us as follows: As of July 1, 2023, experienced and newly licensed lawyers must meet Credit 1 requirement in the Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection category of CLE balances. Experienced New York lawyers must comply with their requirements every 2 years until their birthday with an automatic grace period of 30 days. Lawyers admitted in even-numbered years are due in even-numbered years, and lawyers admitted in odd-numbered years are due in odd-numbered years. * COVID-19 Update: In response to concerns related to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the NYS CLE Board has temporarily suspended the live personal requirement for newly licensed attorneys. You now have until 31.12.2022 to get your ethics skills and credits via our live webinars. You can view the official notice on the temporary online application exception here. On January 1, 2018, a new category of CLE loans comes into effect in New York: “Diversity, Inclusion and Eliminating Bias.” The definition includes: curricula and activities related to legal practice and may include implicit or explicit bias, equal access to justice, service to a diverse population, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and sensitivity to cultural and other differences in interaction with members of the public, judges, jurors, litigators and court officials.