Nfl Legal Summer Internship

Would you like to apply for the next cycle? Applications for summer 2023 interns will be accepted in late February/early March 2023. Applications cannot be submitted before this date. Please read the descriptions of the departments below. For any questions not addressed in the FAQ, please contact Hiring Manager Mark Cobb (; no calls). Thank you for your interest in the NFLPA internship program! NFL intern salaries are paid on an hourly basis. Summer internships are full-time and challenging, typically lasting more than 40 hours per week. If an intern works directly for the NFL, the main location is in New York. But other interns are scattered throughout the country where the team is located. These teams currently have open internships. Overall, most teams run summer internship programs and start recruiting in the fall. The NFL also offers internships at NFL Films and a junior rotation program for career-oriented individuals. The NFL manages the league, assisting each member team with business, legal and operational matters.

Each team is its own operational unit, which means there are plenty of internship opportunities with the league and individual teams. To find and apply for an NFL internship, you must use the league`s representative job board, Teamwork Online. Here, the league and its various teams publish job and internship offers, their details and application instructions. The NFL`s main website usually doesn`t offer these lists. All interns must be enrolled in a university or have recently completed a bachelor`s degree. The minimum age for an internship with the NFL is 18. Most internships require those applying to be at least a junior. They hire juniors, seniors, graduate students and law students.

Most NFL internship positions require prior internship experience. All applicants must have at least a GPA of 3.0. If you want to apply for jobs with specific NFL teams, contact each team. You can usually find lists of internships on team websites or on Within the NFL, there are a variety of different roles. Knowledge of the sports industry is required, but each specific department requires different skills depending on the type of internship. The benefits of an NFL internship are numerous. Those who do an internship with this organization will gain valuable experience, have exciting access and see how things work from the inside in this huge, globally recognized sports organization. Interns also benefit from Q&A sessions with senior executives, guided tours, and even materials and private lessons for their own projects. Each NFL team offers a variety of camp opportunities that help keep teams, players and facilities running smoothly.

The program lasts eight to nine weeks, and interns must work five days a week in their internship positions, with a total of about 40 hours per week. Interns also receive an hourly rate for the time they spend on their position. Internships are usually offered in one of two areas: league camps and team camps. In a league internship, the intern works for the National Football League and performs a league role and duties. In a team internship, the intern is hired as an intern for a specific team that manages their specific needs as a team. The rewards of an internship with the NFL are priceless. The intern not only gains valuable experience and access, but also has the chance to become a full-time employee without interns for the league or a team within it. For anyone looking to apply, this is the foundation of an NFL internship. Most NFL camps are held in New York City, but member clubs are located in major cities across the country. The NFL offers a summer internship program that introduces interns to a variety of different departments such as communications and public relations, community affairs, consumer products, events, finance and accounting, football operations, human resources, IT, internal audit, international, labor and law, marketing and sales. and the media. Interns work in different positions, work with mentors, network and listen to speakers.

It`s a great internship that explores the entire NFL business. The NFL`s general internship programs hire seniors, MBA students, and law students. A popular program they offer is the Junior Rotation Program. This offers four rotations over a two-year period in different departments and locations. It`s a challenging program, but it`s worth gaining experience in the sports industry at a high level. For those looking for an internship in the NFL, the process to get that role is pretty straightforward. If you can follow the steps set by the league and meet the qualification requirements, you have a great chance of getting the role. To learn more about the exact outline of the process, read on. Each position requires different skills, but soft skills that can be demonstrated for these internships include attention to detail, resourcefulness, knowledge of the NFL and sports, and the ability to be a member of a team. Many advise you to let your experience speak for itself. Each internship has its own skills. But all NFL interns should have common skills.

Keep in mind that NFL interns are recruited for summer internships in the fall.