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Once your legal document is created and adapted to your needs, it`s up to you! Save it, print it and share it with whomever you want. My Legal Depot can help you prepare and file your legal documents to facilitate self-representation of legal issues. However, if you need legal advice or are dealing with very complex issues, it is recommended that you seek the services of a lawyer. My Legal Depot is a legal documents assistant registered and related to Los Angeles County under registration number #0390. Our legal document assistants have many years of experience and knowledge in the legal industry. Thanks to our professional staff and our advanced proprietary systems, My Legal Depot is able to provide fast and reliable document services at affordable prices. Why choose My Legal Depot? There are several legal document companies to choose from, but only a few of them will get the job done quickly and accurately. Here are some reasons why you should choose My Legal Deposit for your legal document needs. What does My Legal Depot do? My Legal Depot specializes in the preparation and filing of various legal documents in California. We are the solution for individuals who want to represent themselves to file joint legal documents.

My Legal Depot is a self-help service that provides you with fast and reliable preparation and submission of legal documents in your specific direction. My Legal Deposit can help you process common legal documents to make it easier for unrepresented legal cases that can save you thousands of dollars. A Legal Documents Assistant (LDA) is a person qualified by education, training and/or experience in the legal industry to assist individuals who choose to represent themselves in a legal matter. LDAs help these individuals prepare and process their legal documents, but cannot provide legal advice, hire lawyers, or represent them in court. My Legal Depot is a self-help document service that provides fast and reliable preparation and submission of legal documents on your specific instructions. “I searched high and down for a website or software to make my will. Thank you for the excellent website, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. » Your document is automatically updated with the information you provided. It`s also fully customizable, so you can update any section. *Documents will be prepared within 2 business days and will be emailed to you. Delays are rare, but can occur due to uncontrollable circumstances.

**Expedited filing takes 3-5 business days from the date you receive your original documents. This service includes the personal delivery of your documents to the appropriate government authority. Submission delays are rare, but can occur due to uncontrollable circumstances. Homesteads and homestead abandonments do not include expedited deposit. Select the document you want to create from our template library. All of our templates are provided by lawyers to ensure they are accurate, complete and up-to-date. We`ve been helping millions of people like you for over a decade.