The Legal Shield

If you need legal services that are not included in your membership plan, such as representation in criminal court, you will receive a 25% discount off your lawyer`s standard hourly rate. Since the services are based on your membership plan, you can get help with an unlimited number of legal questions for a monthly plan. This means there are no upfront fees and you don`t have to pay the lawyers separately unless your needs go beyond what`s included in your plan. If you require services outside of your plan`s benefits, you will receive a 25% discount off your lawyer`s standard hourly rate. Plans generally differ in how often services can be used. For example, Small Business Legal Essentials includes 10 document reviews per year for documents up to 15 pages in length, while Small Business Legal Pro includes 40 document reviews per year for documents up to 25 pages in length. The Plus and Pro Level plans also include fixed-fee services, IRS audit legal services, and interstate services not included in the Essentials plan. Thank you for your comments on this topic. We understand your concerns and want to enlighten you. Once an application for membership has been submitted, it can take 24 to 48 hours to process, and if submitted on a Friday after hours or on weekends, it will be processed the following Monday morning. Our records indicate that after purchasing a subscription over the weekend, you received a consultation with a lawyer from the LegalShield provider on the next available business day, which is our standard process. Our law firms adhere to the Membership Agreement, which outlines our standard procedures, benefits and communication expectations.

When it comes to legal issues, timing is important. A membership agreement, which you can find on our website under, outlines our processes and expectations for each topic mentioned in your notice. If legal representation is required, our law firms require at least 5 days` notice to gather information/details and properly prepare to represent your case. If a review of the documents is required, once received for review, the law firm has 3 business days to review it fully and then send it to the LegalShield member with legal instructions. We can understand that this may be an obstacle in haste, but it is necessary and allows our supplier lawyers to provide the most accurate and professional legal assistance. Thank you again for your comments. Please note that we have standard processes and dedicated teams to serve our members, and our CEO is unable to address individual concerns. If you have any questions and would like further clarification, please contact our Member Services team at (800)-654-7757 between 7am and 7am CST Monday to Friday and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. LegalShield does the job of matching you with an accomplished law firm in your state. From there, you`ll work with one of their qualified lawyers to get help with your legal questions.

We have worked with law firms in the United States that have experience in almost every area of law. You can consult your LegalShield provider on many common legal issues and they will work diligently to find a solution. Delve deeper into some of the most common practice areas that your LegalShield firm can help. If you need legal help, LegalShield is here. Our network of experienced lawyers can advise you, your family or your company on legal issues directly via our app. With no hourly fees or advance payment, we help you worry less and live more. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and speak to a lawyer in just 4 hours after the first contact. Get legal support to protect and grow your business through document review, debt collection and more. If they can`t understand how I process my personal data, how well will they deal with your legal needs? I decided to cancel the service after discovering that the website was promoting a theme outside of your plan, you get 25% off. What I got: The actual contract was personal and professional (the website didn`t).

Suddenly, my costs doubled, just to have a simple little form of business done.