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Since they have incentives to ensure that a candidate is ultimately hired by the company (a legal recruiter does nothing if there is no placement), they can help with resumes, career descriptions, interview strategies, and more. Working side-by-side with lawyers seeking professional advancement, Atlanta recruiters know that discretion, confidentiality, and professionalism are essential factors based on their own valuable legal experience. Therefore, job searches and job applications are always conducted confidentially to ensure that your reputation in the legal community is never tarnished. The goal is always to advance their clients in the legal profession, as recruiters strive to match savvy lawyer candidates with coveted job opportunities that best serve the interests of all parties involved in the process. Essentially, you can expect your legal recruiter to act as the manager of the job search process, which can be extremely helpful since you`re likely busy with your current job. Our recruiters` commitment to excellence and their commitment to finding our top lawyers have earned us clients in law firms and in-house legal departments of all types and sizes. The law and therefore the legal practice. In today`s market, companies need the experience, focus, and knowledge of an Atlanta-based recruitment firm with local expertise in executive search and professional networking. Listing positions on job boards often results in piles of unqualified and unsubstantiated resumes, which creates an additional workload for HR and hiring managers and increases the time it takes to find your next manager or executive. Lucas Group`s recruiters in Atlanta act as business consultants and can provide the best talent your business needs. Legal recruiters in Atlanta are available to lawyers looking for another firm or market. The legal recruiter could arrange a few phone interviews to help Janet get an idea of which companies are best suited. If Janet is willing to go further, the legal recruiter can help coordinate on-site interviews with potential companies, ultimately leading to a job offer for Janet.

For lawyers with career potential, Atlanta, Georgia is truly a legal “land of opportunity.” With more than 150 law firms and 17 Fortune 500 companies, lawyers practicing in the greater Atlanta area earn an average base salary of $104,364. Lawyers looking for opportunities or advancement in Atlanta deserve expert representation. Legal headhunters help law firms and corporate partners find and transition lawyers to vacancies, who are often the first to know about hiring needs. Learn about Atlanta Legal Recruiters and why the city is a great place for lawyers to work and live downstairs. [What I liked most about working with BCG was that it was very little work for me, which is what I was looking for. My legal placement professional knew who had been hired and I knew very little about the market before talking to her, she made everything super easy and honestly, it was much faster. Continue reading Legal recruiters offer a variety of services to help businesses maintain a strong supply of lawyers. Typically, they work closely with a company`s human resources department as well as management to ensure that the company has a steady supply of candidates so that the company operates at peak performance. Other law firms in the area include Alston & Bird, which employs between 750 and 1,000 lawyers. The firm has been in existence since 1893 but has teams specialising in complex modern legal issues such as data security and international finance. Janet is an attorney based in Washington, DC. She has been working for a large company for several years, but feels the need to return to Atlanta.

She knows the city well, but is not at all familiar with the legal market, the companies that are currently hiring, and is honestly too exhausted every day she comes home to look for another job in addition to the demands of her current job. For these reasons, individuals and businesses flock to the Atlanta area, providing plenty of opportunities for lawyers. According to statistics from the American Bar Association, there are more than 14,000 lawyers in the greater Atlanta area. From real estate services to business advice, lawyers are in high demand in this growing city. My legal investment professional was great. She tore the whole process apart for me and made it easier for me. As a career changer, I didn`t have time to research, write and submit all the paperwork, and coordinate interviews. Having you as a resource person was great. I recommended. Read more Relationships are everything for recruiters. Â .. Our role at the Legal Recruiter Directory is to help you streamline this process and work with businesses and other legal employers to help candidates in the legal sector find the right candidates.

A company is only as strong as its employees, which is why it`s crucial to hire the right talent the first time. Lucas Group recruiters in Atlanta discover top-notch professionals who can lead initiatives and help you improve your operations and results. Let`s find your next employee. For those who prefer public transit, the Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) operates many bus, train, and shuttle routes that connect commuters to the legal and business centers of the city`s bustling downtown. Some of Atlanta`s most popular neighborhoods for professionals include Buckhead, Midtown, Eastside, Westside, and Nearby. To meet the demand of businesses, there are many law firms in Atlanta that have a constant need for highly skilled talent. King & Spalding LLP, for example, is perhaps the largest law firm in Atlanta. The firm has served residents of Atlanta and Georgia since its founding in 1885 and employs approximately 1,200 lawyers. Companies with teams of lawyers or in-house legal counsel positions can fill their vacancies more quickly with the best possible candidate with the help of a legal headhunter. If you`re ready for a new position, the Legal Recruiter Directory can help simplify your search for the right job by instantly connecting with the right legal recruiter in Atlanta for your needs. If you`re looking for legal jobs outside of Atlanta, we have a handy map of legal recruiters in the United States. Legal recruitment firms in Atlanta have the resources and staff to serve you and will provide you with the research and communication foundation to more effectively connect your talents with exciting and fresh legal job postings.

In fact, when you hire a legal recruiter, it`s like having your own team of lawyers representing you 24/7 and providing you with top-notch career resources that will save you valuable time and effort. Raj and his team are very well connected in the Atlanta legal market. This is a top-notch legal recruitment team. You have engaged a number of my friends and colleagues in […] RMN is my point of contact for navigating the legal market in Atlanta. I have been working with Raj and his team at RMN Agency for years and they have helped me move from an internal job to a […] If you are currently looking for a new challenge in the legal industry or if a law firm is looking for top talent, Atlanta has several recruitment firms that will guide you step by step through the search process to make it more efficient and productive. Legal recruiters save you the time and hassle of navigating legal job boards by providing you with their extensive network connections and services. Many thanks to our clients, colleagues and readers of The Daily Report, Georgia`s leading legal publication, for this outstanding recognition. Here are some hypothetical examples of professionals who could use legal recruitment to their advantage when looking for a job. These are just two examples of the successful law firms that have made Atlanta their home. The legal industry has really grown in Atlanta over the past decade. These companies compete domestically and globally with many of the best organizations in the country. The NMR Agency has been phenomenal throughout the lateral process.

I was looking for a great legal job in Atlanta that would allow me to further develop my practice, and Raj and his team found the performance […] If you want to work for one of the best companies, you need the right approach. Although the demand for lawyers is high, the best law firms can still be extremely selective in selecting candidates. Many turn to legal recruiters to bridge the gap between who they are today and what they want to be tomorrow.