Umkc Admission Requirements for International Students

From autumn 1998, international students holding an F or J visa will have to take out exclusive and compulsory UMKC health insurance. International students should plan to arrive no earlier than one month prior to the start of the program indicated on their Form I-20. You should expect to arrive no later than 7 days before the program start date listed on your Form I-20. U.S. federal government regulations require international F-1 and J-1 applicants to demonstrate that they can afford at least one year of study to obtain an I-20 or Form DS-2019. Exceptions to the admissions policy must be approved by the appropriate authority of the college or school to which the applicant is applying. The Ministry of International Student Affairs should be contacted regarding all forms and procedures. Students without proof of English proficiency or low English proficiency may be considered for admission to certain academic programs. Contact the Ministry of International Student Affairs for more information. Students who are denied admission as a first-year or transfer student may submit a Notice of Appeal to the Admissions Office by email at Include the reason for the call, a letter of recommendation from a counsellor or teacher, and any other information relevant to the call. Enrolled students must submit OFFICIAL or ORIGINAL academic records to ISAO prior to enrolling in their second semester of coursework.

Original academic documents are photocopied and returned to the student. Students will be informed at the time of admission of the documents they must submit. Students are responsible for providing UMKC ISAO with the requested documents. International applicants to undergraduate programs who wish to obtain more information and application forms can contact or email ISAO at International applicants with H, L or A visa documents will be considered for stay according to the same guidelines that apply to domestic applicants. International students with an F, J or M visa file are not eligible for reduced tuition based on residency status. Students with a visa type not listed above are eligible to submit an application for residency, which will be reviewed by the residency committee. All international students new to UMKC must attend International Orientation and receive a $50 fee.

International orientation takes place on the Thursday before classes start for the fall and spring semesters. Students who begin their studies in the summer must participate in the fall orientation. All international students who are subject to proof of English proficiency with low or no test scores must be assessed by the staff of the Institute of Applied Languages at UMKC with respect to their level of English proficiency. If a weakness in this level of achievement is detected, appropriate courses are required to ensure that the student`s success is not compromised. Admitted international students must register for a registration session at the Office of International Student Affairs prior to their first registration at UMKC. International students must comply with all provisions of their visa, including all full-time enrollment and work permit requirements. Students can work directly with an advisor to international students to understand their regulatory obligations and the options available through their given visa. Financial reports on behalf of a family member, friend or non-governmental sponsor must be accompanied by a completed financial report and an affidavit signed by the account holder. All family members accompanying F-1/J-1 students as dependents must be identified on this form, and proof of additional funds must be provided for each dependant. An offer of admission granted regularly for a certain period may be deferred for a maximum of one calendar year from the first period granted. However, if the applicant attends another college or university after the initial offer of admission, a new application must be submitted and official copies of the additional work must be submitted. ISAO is responsible for processing admissions of students who do not hold U.S.

citizenship, including those awaiting permanent residency or asylum and those currently with Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Students who are refused readmission must address their objection to the office of the appropriate dean of the academic unit to which their readmission was refused. International students must provide proof of sufficient English proficiency as part of the admissions process. Applicants from countries where English is not their first language (or if it is one of the official languages, but not necessarily the mother tongue of the majority of the population) must provide proof of English proficiency. Applicants can do so in the following ways: Unless otherwise specified by an academic department, international students may submit PDF copies of their transcripts for admission tests. If admitted prior to receipt of final, official/original transcripts and diplomas/diplomas, the student is considered provisionally admitted. Official academic records can be sent directly to all international students who need to submit an application to be considered for admission. The general application of the KMKC can be found at ISAO examines all new students who have already taken university courses for possible transfer credits upon receipt of the final official transcripts. Students who have previously worked at an international university are strongly encouraged to submit course descriptions for each course successfully completed, as well as direct English translations of the descriptions, if applicable. ISAO assesses all foreign credentials. Admission does not require the submission of an international report on the assessment of a third party`s qualifications. However, ISAO accepts the conversion of the average score of an international eligibility assessment service accredited by AICE or NACES.

ISAO does not accept recommendations on the equivalence of diplomas issued by these services if they do not comply with UMKC practices and policies already in place. All 3rd party credential assessments must be sent directly by the assessment service to ISAO/Admissions to be considered. These documents will not be accepted for evaluation if sent directly by the student. Applicants should refer to the deadlines set by the study program to which they are applying. If there is no deadline, applications will be accepted continuously. ISAO processing staff will inform the applicant if their application needs to be deferred to a later semester. ISAO recommends that students applying outside the United States apply at least 3-4 months before the scheduled semester begins. A remedial orientation takes place in the middle of the semester in autumn and spring. If a student misses both the orientation for their first year semester and the makeup orientation this semester, they will have to pay an additional fee of $50 and will have to attend the next possible orientation.

Students will continue to be charged $50 per semester until they successfully meet this requirement. UMKC reserves the right to verify the authenticity and accuracy of academic records submitted to the issuing institution. Students who plan to attend UMKC after high school must submit the following with their application: Applicants must request a postponement for a specific semester by contacting the International Student Service. This request can be submitted via the ISAO website here. Individual financial support documents must be renewed annually. UMKC reserves the right to consider candidates for the most appropriate semester. Students who wish to apply for a first F-1 or J-1 visa to study at UMKC must submit the following once they have been accepted academically to university. Students who plan to move from another accredited college to earn a degree at UMKC must submit the following with their application: Students who have completed more than 12 years of study upon completion of high school may be eligible for college credits upon review and approval by the appropriate UMKC staff and faculty. Office of International Student Affairs University of Missouri – Kansas City 5000 Holmes Street, ASSC G-04 Kansas City, Missouri 64110 UMKC Admissions Office processes all applicants in the following categories. Students who currently reside in the United States and have another visa status to be reviewed by the Office of International Student Affairs must submit the following once they have been accepted academically to university.

UMKC ISAO reserves the right to review financial documentation with the issuing bank or financial institution.