Where Can I Do My Law Articles

We pay INR 1500 if we can publish the article with minimal edits. If we have to work hard, we can only pay INR 1000. If you submit too many items that require thorough processing, we will no longer place orders with you. Article archives allow you to search for all articles that are no longer published on the main page. You can search for a specific item by entering as much or as little information as you want. You also have the option to search for all our archived articles below. Unlike website content, which informs visitors about the services offered by your business, articles demonstrate your expertise and give a voice to your brand. With article marketing, you can attract new visitors and customers by sharing your interpretations of current events, regulatory changes, legal strategies, and other important information. This information may encourage a potential customer to contact you for advice or representation. How many items do we accept? That is the number you can give us. We are ready to take 30-50 items.

Please note that tons of people write articles on the iPleaders blog. We do not pay everyone. We only pay for articles that have been written for the specific purpose of marketing our courses and doing good work. Learn more about law Articles are organized by areas of law, sometimes referred to as “practice areas.” Scroll down to find the jurisdiction that best suits your needs, then click in the section for a breakdown of that jurisdiction and a list of specific items. Not sure which area of law is best for you? Try searching for your topic using the search box at the top right of the page to direct you to the information resources tailored to your needs. While some stress is inevitable and even positive, excessive stress weighs on lawyers around the world. In a way, yes, ads are useful. However, always be careful if you believe everything you read and hear – and nowhere is this truer than advertising. Advertising in newspapers, telephone directories, radio, television and the Internet, as well as direct mail, can familiarize you with the names of lawyers tailored to your legal needs.

Some ads also help you determine a lawyer`s area of expertise. Other listings indicate a fee or price range for handling a specific type of “simple” case. Keep in mind that your case may not have an easy solution. When a lawyer quotes fees, make sure you know exactly which services and expenses the fees include and which do not. Here are some other articles to help you during law school: Keep in mind, however, that legal research is not always a linear process. You can start going from source to source as described above, and then find that you need to go back to secondary sources once you have a better understanding of the legal issue. In other cases, you may even find the answer you`re looking for in a source not listed above, such as in a model pleading filed with the court by another lawyer. At the end of the day, you have to go where the information takes you. So if it`s primary law that you want, it makes sense to look over there first, right? Not so fast. While you need primary sources of law to support your case, in many cases it is much easier – and a more efficient use of your time – to start your research in secondary sources such as how-to guides, articles, and legal articles.

Whether you`re a student still in law school or a seasoned lawyer with years of experience, strong research skills are essential to making a winning argument. That`s why it`s so important to know how to conduct legal research, including where to start and what steps to take. Do you have a legal problem or are you just looking for more information on a specific legal topic? FindLaw`s Learn Law section is the perfect place to start. Learn About the Law includes informational articles on a variety of legal topics, as well as specific information on topics such as hiring an attorney and understanding your state`s unique laws. Yes, the lawyer`s area of expertise and previous experience are important. Many states have specialization programs that certify lawyers as specialists in certain types of law. Some legal specialties have also established their own certification programs, such as the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils and the National Elder Law Foundation. You may also want to ask about the type of cases your lawyer typically handles. What is the distribution of this lawyer`s practice (e.g., 50 per cent of assaults, 25 per cent of divorce cases and 25 per cent of “others”)? Keep in mind that most lawyers are not certified in a particular area of expertise, but this does not necessarily mean that a particular lawyer is not an expert in a particular area, especially if a lawyer handles a large number of cases in a particular area of expertise. Other considerations include the convenience of the law firm, the fees charged, and the length of a case.

Always gather the most important facts so you know “who, what, why, when, where and how” of your case. And take the time to write everything down, especially since you`ll probably need to include a statement of facts in any filing or briefing anyway. Even if you don`t think a fact might be relevant now, write it down because it may turn out to be relevant later. These facts will also be helpful in identifying your legal problem. At LawSikho.com, our primary marketing and PR method is content marketing, particularly through authoritative articles about the legal career and legal industry. While we write amazing, authoritative and insightful articles that provide thought leadership to the legal community and other audiences interested in law, people consider us the leading authority on legal education and buy our courses. Writing legal articles is a great way to establish or enhance your reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer. If you`re like many lawyers, you may not have time to write legal articles, but you still want the benefits that these targeted content marketing campaigns can provide. We do not mind doing law students, but the expected standard is very, very high and we do not have too much time to train.

So think about it before you apply. If you are a student and really want to do it, you can first apply for a month-long internship where we can give you training before starting this job as a freelancer. If you want to work with me, contact me via email, LinkedIn or WhatsApp. I will share 2 topics for you to write test articles. If you write good ones and we can use them, you get paid for it.