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Driving on a hot day leads to an increase in tire temperature. What is the pressure in a car tire at 45∘C45 ^{circ} mathrm{C}45∘C when the tire has a pressure of 30 psi30 mathrm{~psi}30 psi at 15∘C15 ^{circ} mathrm{C}15∘C? Suppose the volume and volume of air in the tire remain constant. Compare polymerase chain reaction and DNA replication. How does the radial symmetry of an echinoderm differ from that of a jellyfish? Downstream of a large hydraulic jump, the flow is 4ft4 mathrm{ft}4ft deep and has a Froude number of 0,50,50,50,5. Calculate (a)y1,(b)V1(a) y_1,(b) V_1(a)y1,(b)V1, (c)(c)(c) Fr1,(d)operatorname{Fr}_1,(d)Fr1,(d) the power dissipation percentage and (e)yc(e) y_c(e)yc.