Who Are Dlg Legal Services

DLG Legal Services is a law firm established to provide affordable access to justice for a wide range of legal services. With a focus on client service, DLG Legal Services strives to provide the highest level of advice, working quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively every step of the way. DLG Legal Services assists you with personal, inheritance and property claims as well as contractual and employment disputes, with policyholders also having access to our legal advice line. ReviewSolicitors uses our community data to show you how many clients have used Dlg Legal Services Limited and had a satisfactory experience, where they indicated they would recommend the law firm`s services to friends and family. DLG Legal Services was published on 1. Founded in March 2014, it is an SRA-regulated legal services firm that advises and provides legal support to DLG`s clients. DLG Legal Services employs approximately 330 people and is wholly owned by the Direct Line Group. We offer a range of services, most of which fall under Automotive Legal Protection (MLP) and Family Legal Protection (FLP) products. The Legal Ombudsman, a separate organization from the Lawyers Regulatory Authority, investigates complaints about services consumers have received from their legal service provider and works to resolve the situation. Examples of poor service include slow actions and costs that are unclear or changeable. We regulate this company and they have to follow our rules.

It is authorized to provide all legal services. These are legal services that only regulated lawyers are authorized to provide. This is because they involve handling your money or representing it in court. The law firms we regulate may carry out these reserved legal activities: if you have purchased defective goods or received poor service, you may be able to take legal action. We can act for you and support you in this process. The areas of law show what kind of work this firm does. Reserved Activities lists the specific legal activities that this firm can perform because we regulate them as a law firm. More information on the legal activities booked is available on the Legal Service website. DLG Legal Services recently celebrated its 5th anniversary and is one of the latest additions to the Direct Line Group family. Unlike DLG`s broader insurance business, DLG Legal Services is an institution that aims to provide high-quality and affordable legal representation for personal injury, estates and home/property claims, and labor and contract disputes.

We also operate a legal advice line that provides general legal advice to qualified policyholders. Gail Rutherford currently runs the company. In the three years since my car accident, I have received brilliant and professional service from DlG Legal Services and would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family in the future. These are the SRA-regulated individuals in this organization. Use a law firm other than DLG. **DO NOT USE DLG** I had to accept the other party`s pathetic offer to settle my claim; simply because of DLG`s coercion as the most incompetent law firm in the world. They dragged me through 15 months of stress: I couldn`t even get my name and right in correspondence and I took weeks, months to answer the simplest emails. On some occasions, I have to email 5 times to get the simplest answers.

It was very clear to me that I was just a number on a piece of paper; A task you just have to do and move on to the next one. I have filed 2 major complaints in the last 15 months, none of which have been acknowledged. This goes against their procedures as set out in the Terms and Conditions. This is an absolutely appalling undertaking. The worst. **DO NOT USE THEM** “Were you satisfied with the outcome of your case?” The data presented above is based on client reviews and comments collected by ReviewSolicitors over the past 12 months. Bryce was my social worker, he was amazing, always aware of what was going on, he was amazing at breaking down what I didn`t understand so I could understand. Fast and fast results !!!!! If you were injured on the job, you may be entitled to compensation.

Let our team of experts help you. You can use this data to see how Dlg Legal Services Limited compares to the national average of clients who are satisfied with the outcome of their case after hiring a lawyer. We publish the regulatory and disciplinary decisions we make about the individuals and entities we regulate. We began publishing the decisions in 2008. We set the rules for this company. There are benefits and protections for clients of SRA-regulated firms. You can use this data to see how Dlg Legal Services Limited compares to other law firms nationally. A score close to 100% shows that this company is highly appreciated by its customers.

We use data science to gather answers to these questions and create a “ReviewSolicitors score” of 100. The display score in the chart above is a simple percentage representation of the average score of those who reviewed this law firm. Currently, no disciplinary or regulatory decisions are issued regarding this company. Read our policy on publication decisions. Excellent does not necessarily mean “cheap”. This means that customers thought the level of service was excellent for what they were paying for. ReviewSolicitors contains lists for all law firms in England and Wales containing basic data provided by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. I had a car accident in 2016. I worked with a claims manager for 2.5 years. Good service and well managed expectations. I was then transferred to a lawyer in London.

I found the Lord with whom I dealt very firmly. Was not very informative or helpful. I felt like I was constantly trying to spill blood from a rock every time I called. The guy got sick and a miracle worker was his replacement. Arfan Razaq. He was so professional, exuded a charismatic character and explained everything in Leyman`s words. No question was too much to ask. I have been in constant contact with DLG for almost 4 years. Call every month or every few months to get a single update. Arfan was smug and very resourceful.

With his tenacity and resourceful attitude, he was able to get me an offer of more than 3k more than I expected! I am so happy. Finally, this test is over. I came out happy and it was worth the wait. Arfan has exceptional customer service and gets a 10/10 from me. A real merit of DLG LEGAL SERVICES. I hope everyone has a lot of experience. If you would like to learn more about how we work with our review data, please see our Transparency section. The Legal Ombudsman publishes his decisions on service-related complaints. You can search for this firm in the Legal Ombudsman Data Center.

This score was calculated based on the last 300 reviews left by clients of Dlg Legal Services Limited on ReviewSolicitors. These are the areas of law that the firm has shared with us in an annual report. Use our quick and easy frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages to find what you`re looking for and save time online. As part of our evaluation questionnaire, we ask auditors questions about the value for money they have achieved through the use of the ABC Act. These questions include: Calls to 0344 numbers do not cost more than domestic tariffs from a BT landline. Calling costs from other networks may vary. Calls can be recorded. Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA) If you are not satisfied with any element of our service, please read our complaints procedure. Many thanks to Sukhbir Kaur.

After taking charge of my case, I immediately felt safe because of their tireless and professional behavior. Very happy with the agreement for a difficult case. With Twane Humphreys as my clerk, I have not had any positive experiences with DLG. I rarely received notifications and updates. I spent months meticulously filling out a pain/effect diary because she had asked me to, and then, after sending it to her, said she would not add it to my case. She asked me to return forms she hadn`t sent me. She sent me forms that she didn`t have to fill out. She asked me to fill out the same forms more than once.

I asked her not to call me because of my hearing loss, but she kept doing so. I asked for her supervisor`s contact information several times so I could ask for another social worker, but she ignored all requests. The case lasted 20 months, although it was extremely straightforward due to Twane`s weak administrative skills and lack of attention to detail. The incompetent handling of my case caused me more stress and anxiety than the RTA itself. As part of our evaluation questionnaire, we ask the following question: Business names list the names this company currently uses.