Why Are Shipping Documents Important

With over 200 shipping solutions, Easyship is your dedicated shipping partner. Our hybrid solutions enable international shipping for brands and e-commerce businesses, taking your goods on the last mile. We make it easy to create documents. Our tool generates shipping labels, packing slips and customs declarations for you. They only print what the mail needs. If you are shipping dangerous or dangerous goods, additional forms are required to identify what is being shipped, potential hazards and instructions for safe handling. Hazardous materials include flammable, explosive/combustible, toxic or infectious, oxidizing, corrosive, radioactive materials or that pose a threat to human health, the environment or property if handled improperly. An air waybill (AWB) is a type of consignment note that is the official contract between a shipper and an airline and contains detailed information about the goods being shipped. This is a non-negotiable shipping document that serves as a cargo receipt for the airline upon arrival at the destination airport. Your second option is a letter of credit. This is more expensive than CAD and is usually used when you know very little about your customer. With a letter of credit, the buyer agrees to pay the seller if the seller can provide the documents listed in the letter of credit, which usually prove that the goods have been shipped and meet the agreed standard.

If you don`t have the necessary documents for your goods, there`s a good chance your goods will be lost or picked up by customs. The right documents tell each handler the exact destination of your goods and any other information needed to ensure they are delivered to the right place. Transit documents and declaration forms, duly signed by customs, must be presented within 21 days of the date of export by the exporter. Shipping documents are forms that accompany a referred shipment on the day of shipment. The packing list for international shipments can also be more detailed than for domestic shipping. Customs officers will use the packing list to verify that the shipment contains exactly what is indicated in the documents. It should be detailed how and where each item is packed so that they can quickly find the items they want to inspect. It must also have net and gross weights and dimensions for packages in American/imperial and metric units.

The packing list must also contain all special handling instructions and marks on the packages. A packing list is a shipping document that contains a detailed list of goods, including weight, security measures, packing style, and dimensions. The courier company uses it to create the bill of lading. Need help deciding how to prepare your shipment for domestic or international shipping? Pantero offers a wide selection of boxes, packaging materials and options for palletizing and grouping your shipments. Our packaging experts can help you choose the right materials to protect your shipment, whether it is transported by land, sea or air. International shipping also requires additional documents that don`t work domestically. These include: Another important document when shipping is the arrival notice or arrival notification. This document informs that the cargo is arriving at its destination. It contains relevant details such as the description of the goods, the details of the cruise, the country of destination in terms of customs duties and the contact details of the sea carrier.

It shall be issued by the carrier`s agent of destination to the consignee and to the parties who may be required to communicate the information specified in the consignment note. Different types of shipments require different documentation. For example, if you ship dangerous goods, chemicals, water samples or perishable items, you will likely need to complete additional paperwork for these goods. These documents are especially important if you are shipping across borders in North America. An example of this is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which uses the Toxic Substances Control Act to monitor and control the import and export of potentially hazardous materials. Depending on your goods, conditions of sale and countries of import and export, other documents may be required, such as a cashier`s check or ATA Carnet, a document used for temporary export. Domestic and international shipping requires documents that detail the contents of your shipment, the value of your goods, their destination, shipping conditions, and handling instructions.

Individual carriers may have other specific requirements for shipping documents. Some of the forms you may come across are: Every detail of the transaction required for customs clearance in freight shipment is included in this document. Therefore, it is very important and an essential paper to get away with shipping. Yes, each delivery note has its specific format that must be completed. The process of documenting international shipping is an extremely important part of ensuring smooth international transactions. International shipping documents decide the fate of your shipment, if not done correctly, it can lead to delays or customs holds. Why it matters: A BOL is the most important shipping document in international transportation and should be included regardless of the mode of transport.